Phone Call from God

Our world has become completely interconnected. There is no place on earth that is inaccessible to modern technology.

Climbers to the top of Everest call their loved ones from the summit, announcing the completion of their ascent.

In June of 2012, tightrope walker Nik Wallenda crossed Niagara Falls while cheered on by 200,000 spectators. During the entire crossing, he spoke live with viewers across the world.

What makes this possible? The latest in phone technology that can connect anyone anywhere on the surface of our world. These men could speak from the most inaccessible spots on earth.

God can speak to us anywhere we are.

In 2 Timothy 1:6-15 God uses Paul to speak to Timothy, reminding him of the spiritual charge on his life. It is the final letter he writes from his prison cell, and in these verses, he places emphasis on four areas.

The Expectation:

In Verses 6-7 Paul reminds Timothy that God has placed a gift in his life. He should not let fear into his mind, for God has given him power to minister for the Faith, love for the lost and broken, and self-control, that he might adhere to the tenets of Christ’s teachings.

The devil will try to stir up old fears within us, hoping to defeat us in our Christian walk. However, if we have Jesus walking with us, we are overcomers in his name.

The Encouragement:

In Verses 8-10 Paul disdainfully tosses aside the fact that he is in prison. His present situation has no value next to the revelation of Christ, the one who destroyed death and brought immortality to the human race.

When we see our daily troubles in perspective to the mission Jesus sends us on, our excuses quickly pale in comparison to the needs of our sinful world.

The Example:

In Verses 11-12 Paul holds his own life up as an example for Timothy. He sets the bar high, telling of his position as herald, apostle, and teacher. He also allows that his imprisonment is due to his exalted position in the Church. He finishes, reassuring Timothy that even so, God is in control, and nothing is done without his will.

When we face challenges in our Christian walk, we need to find a Christian warrior to emulate, for his or her example can give us strength in our time of need.

The Exhortation:

In Verses 13-15 Paul instructs Timothy to keep his sound doctrine intact, and to always follow Paul’s example when teaching others. Paul is downcast that everyone else has abandoned him, but he acknowledges that the Message of Christ remains the truth and light of this world.

When we stand up for the Lord, and the world turns against us, our only hope of salvation is the eternal Word of God. It never changes, for it is the same forever and amen.

God doesn’t need a telephone. He speaks to us through his Word, for when we follow the examples of the great leaders recorded in the Bible, we follow the example of Christ.

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