Stolen Property Returned

stolen-property-returned-book-cd-combo-front-72Stolen Property Returned

Every one of us has had something of value stolen. It may have been in business; it may have been a family relationship, a wayward child, a promotion on the job, or even large sums of money. In the midst of terrible assaults like these, we may think we are powerless to recover our losses.

In this powerful book & CD combo, Harold Herring clearly teaches the Biblical way to get our property back. He guides us through the most comprehensive and thorough law book ever written...the Holy Bible.

In this book you will learn:

How to identify and defeat the real thief, Satan, in all situations.

How to put a restraining order on Satan and keep him away from your property.

How to take out God's "personal theft protection policy" on you and your property.

How to take Satan to the court of heaven and take back what he stole from you.

God has a way - Stolen Property Returned!

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