God Offers His Kingdom to All (Volume 3)

Kingdom Vol 3 Cover1 Front TinyGod infiltrates every part of who we are.

We do not have to know him for him to be all around us. When we take a drink of water, he is in the water. In the air we breathe, we find him there, too.

Imagine our children. They are us, and yet they think they are not. Yet, as parents, we never consider the gulf as great as they do. When our children hurt, we hurt.  When they know success, we feel their joy. When they curse us and walk away, we want to see them come back to us once again.

Ask a child who is now grown. They will tell you they are what their parents have made them, whether good or bad. How is that possible? Because as parents, we infiltrate every part of who they are.

So it is with God. We can cry, “No! I am a self-made man. No supreme being formed me from the dust of the earth.” And yet, we cannot escape our creator, for he infiltrates every part of who we are.

When we quit running and reach out to him, we will find him in every part of every day, and in everything we touch at any point in time.

He is there for us. He wants us to be there for him.

You will find God in this book. Look for him. He’s waiting for you to find him, because he loves you very much. 

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