God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian (Volume 5)

Cover Vol 5 FrontEducation.

Without it, we can’t go very far in life. It opens doors, helps us achieve our goals, and with our degree in our pocket, we gain a leg up on others in our field.

Discipleship is all about being educated in Christ. When we learn God’s Word, and we put it into practice in our lives, we gain a leg up on the devil, and he is crushed under the power of the knowledge of Christ.

God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian is designed to take a 2000-year-old book and place its lessons in a modern-day context. Each of these 23 essays is illustrated with passages from the Bible.

Can a science fiction hero teach us about becoming stronger in God? In “Army of Steel” he can.

How about humor? Does God enjoy a good time? Find out in “Laughing With God.”

Learn how to be a spiritual Spiderman in “Our Spiritual Exoskeleton.”

In “The Man Who Replaced Jesus,” read about the importance of keeping Christ first in every part of our lives.

In life, there are few things more important for worldly success than the time we spend sitting in a classroom. It’s not always fun, but the results far outweigh the time we spend gaining our degree.

With the Word of God, it is the same. The time we spend applying the lessons of the Word to ourselves will come back to us multiplied in success for Christ and his kingdom.

Let the learning begin!

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