God Offers His Kingdom to All (Volume 2)

Kingdom Vol 2 Cover frontWe reach our hands out to God, and he reaches his back unto us.

That’s the quintessential picture of our relationship with God. The hands stretch both ways, and when our fingers touch, salvation happens.

Yet, what is the spark? What triggers our souls to need and desire the Lord?

That’s what this book is about. When we feel the presence of the kingdom of God as it fills the world around us, we feel God; and when we feel him, we will want to reach out to him. That’s why God created this world. He wanted us to see him in everything we do and touch, and in the seeing, he wanted us to love him as much as he loves us.

And he does love us, very much, and completely. When we choose to walk contrary to his ways, his heart is broken. He weeps for his loss, and he does everything in his power to draw us back to him.

When you read “A People Set Apart” and “Primed for Our Season of Victory,” you will feel energized to live your life boldly for him. “A Cartoon Catastrophe” will make you laugh, and “The Foolish Pig” will give you new insights into an old fable.

You may close this book crying, and you may close it laughing, but you will be changed.

God will change you, because you live in his kingdom, and change is what it’s all about.

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