God Offers His Kingdom to All (Volume 1)

Kingdom Vol 1 Cover2frontGod’s kingdom. What does it mean to us?

It’s important not to confuse God’s kingdom with our Christian walk with Jesus. That’s something completely different. When we walk with Jesus, we are of the kingdom of God, but we are also in the kingdom of God.

To put it simply, God’s kingdom is all around us all the time. Even for the unchurched and those who have fallen away, there is no way to get away from the kingdom. It touches every part of our lives.

Remember that first drawing toward Christ when we did not yet know him? That happened through the kingdom. God’s hand reached to us through the majesty of his created realm, and he made his love known to us. That’s the kingdom of God. When we sense his love towards us, we have experienced his kingdom. That feeling is for the churched and unchurched alike.

When we choose to walk with him, we move to a different level. We walk in our salvation, and that’s for those who know Christ personally.

God’s kingdom is our springboard, leading us into what he desires for us to become.

Let’s leap into him. He’s holding his arms out waiting, for he loves us very much.

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