God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian (Volume 2)

God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian Volume 2We are constantly told what God’s plan is for us, from our Sunday school teachers to television evangelists with credentials as long as our arms.

If that doesn’t convince us, turn on the radio, and Christian music stations inundate us with what God can do in our lives if we only live a certain way. Before long, our heads are spinning with the enormity of it all.

What do we do? Who do we believe?

If we truly want to know how to live like Christ, we have only one set of directions. We call our instruction manual the Bible, and it gives us all the information we need to know on how to be like Jesus.

This set of biblically-based essays will bring the messages of the Bible into the 21st century with examples from popular television shows and re-minders of old-time county fairs. Some you will laugh with, and others will open your eyes as they’ve never been opened before.

May you learn about God’s will for your life as you read through this book. I trust it will bless your soul.

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