God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian (Volume 1)

God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian Volume 1Jesus came to change our world.

During his lifetime he upset the entire Jewish hierarchy, and the Roman government lashed out at the changes he had made.

Jesus did change his world. How does he continue to change the world today? Through those of us who claim to be his followers.

That’s what discipleship is all about. A definition of discipleship is the act of embracing and spreading the teachings of another. To do so, we have to understand those teachings and practice them in our lives.

As we begin this series on God and Discipleship for the Modern Christian, we will see God’s message to our world in a whole new light.

The biblical lessons espoused by Jesus will come alive to us in the context of 21st century examples, and we will never be the same again. The first seven essays are built on the idea of God’s Wishing Well, and what he wants for us to have from him. The final essays range from kicking out the devil to being a sneaky spy for Jesus.

Jump in and have fun!

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