God Is Salvation for a Lost World (Volume 2)

god-is-salvation-for-a-lost-world-volume-2Finding salvation at the cross is one of the simplest things a person can do.

We ask for forgiveness, we believe on Jesus, and we receive eternal life through our Lord.

Sticking with God’s plan for the rest of our life is more difficult. In Volume 1 of God Is Salvation for a Lost World, I delved into the depths of coming to the cross, hoping that my readers would better understand how God’s love draws us to him. Even when we find Jesus, God continually draws us, for he knows our human nature.

We are not fully like him until we join him in Glory, and until then, our walk is an uphill struggle toward perfection. That is the focus of this book, our ongoing endeavor to be like Christ.

It is a continual work, too. We’ve sung that children’s church song where it says, “He’s still working on me.” The words are cute ringing out in a child’s voice, but the reality is momentous.

God is still working on us. Our salvation is not the end. Rather, it is only the beginning. We can’t afford to quit when we step back from the altar.

That is the moment the real work begins.

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