God Is Faith in Our Despair (Volume 3)

god-is-faith-in-our-despair-volume-3Faith. It is so important to us.

Having a strong sense of faith is essential to successfully living day to day, but finding a foothold in tumultuous times can still be very difficult. What is our answer? We have to keep our eyes on Jesus.

We have to remember our goal and not let the distractions of a world run amok fracture our concentration.

That is easier said than done. In the summer of 2014, a couple living on Lake Whitney in Central Texas had the floor fall out from under their feet, literally. The limestone cliff on which their home was built fractured, leaving the back half of their house dangling 75 feet over the water.

Where is our faith when the floor falls out from under us?  How do we find God then? Or do we throw up our hands in despair, accepting that there is nothing we can do?

God encourages us to keep our faith in him. Just like a child, if we trust in his goodness even when the promises don’t come, we will never lose the sense of security that can only come from belief in a higher being. God is that higher being, and he treasures us.

When we have faith in him, he will reciprocate our outpouring of trust, and he will be there for us every time. Even when the ground falls away underneath our feet. Let’s look up.

God is our safety net, and when all else falls away, his arms are there to catch us. We will find our security in him.

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