God Is Faith in Our Despair (Volume 2)

god-is-faith-in-our-despair-volume-2In my first volume of God Is Faith in Our Despair, I wrote of faith as a two-pronged fork.

On one side, we have the foundational beliefs of our childhood, and when the world seems to crumble around us, we inadvertently fall back on those core beliefs. However, they don’t always seem so rock-solid when the electricity has been turned off, and our broken tooth slams us with a two thousand dollar repair bill. Ouch, we cry. God, are you up there?

The Word references God as our Father. A father cares for us, but a good father also allows us to grow into maturity, even if that means letting us battle our own enemies and learn how to stand up for ourselves. He knows that if he always steps in to rescue us at the start of the battle, we will be no more than a surface Christian. Scratch us, and the world will always show through.

He wants so much more for us. He wants us to find our faith in him even when the storms rage and the darkness squeezes the very breath from our lungs. He wants us to know that he is always there.

All we need to do is look up.

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