The Thirteen Days of Christmas: A New Look at an Old Song

The Thirteen Days of CoverThe Thirteen Days of Christmas takes a fresh look at the gifts gleefully sung about over the course of the twelve verses in the traditional song, The 12 Days of Christmas.

Why thirteen days? First came the promise of the Lord, then came the twelve gifts.

You will enjoy this fresh and inspiring look at what each whimsical gift means when viewed from a biblical standpoint. From that cocky partridge to the timekeeping drummers, each gains a spiritual slant in this interesting book.

You will be surprised at the connections the Bible offers for each of these gifts, but you will not be surprised at the depth of meaning each revelation will give you.

Read it all at once, or use this book as a devotional over days or even weeks. Either way, you will be inspired by its stories and insights over and over.

Following each of the thirteen chapters, readers will find a convenient section to jot notes and impressions from God. This is a great book to share over and over, in your family, or in a study group.

It will become a family heirloom, as your thoughts and comments are revisited season after season.

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