God Is Faith in Our Despair (Volume 5)

Faith Vol 5 Front v2What is our level of faith?

Are we an Abel, or an Enoch? Abel did what was right in the sight of the Lord, and God counted it to him as righteousness. However, Enoch was flooded with his faith. It was so strong that God reached down his hand and lifted him directly into heaven.

We can follow the rules laid out in the Bible, and God will check off our faith box for us. We will have done what he expects. However, he wants us to be so much more. He needs us to find the faith to move mountains, and to step out on the troubled waters, even when we only see disaster under our feet.

In God Is Faith in Our Despair, Volume 5, you will find stories that stimulate your faith to greater depths than ever before. Join in as we build an ever-deeper relationship with our Almighty God.

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