God Wraps Our Family In Love (Volume 1)

Family Front CoverWe can have everything material, but without a family, we have nothing.

Our family is worth defending, too, both in the natural realm and in the spiritual one. We may beat up on each other, but outsiders had better beware. A family will join forces against all comers, and we will defend each other tooth and nail.

So, where do we find our family when our parents are drug addicts and our children can’t make their way home? Is knowing God enough? Of course, we parrot, but deep inside we still feel lonely.

Let’s reach out to those we live with every day: our grandparents, the single mother next door, even the cashier at the grocery store. Then there is our church family, and we often spend more time with our work family than we do with our spouse or children.

In the final essay in this book, read about some very easy (and very specific) ways we can reach out to people who live on our streets. They need families, too. If we hurt, and loneliness fills our hours, that smiling neighborhood boy down the street might very well feel the same.

We don’t need to ask him. We need to step up and be the family he might never know otherwise.

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