God Is Salvation for a Lost World (Volume 3)

god-is-salvation-for-a-lost-world-volume-3What hat do we wear?

The final essay in this third volume deals with all the things we do that make us who we are

Being a Christian is only one facet of our lives. We are also children, parents, office workers, and business owners.

How do we put all those together? That’s what this book is about.

As you turn the pages, you will be exposed to “life after life.” In other words, you will learn how we live in Jesus after we come to the cross.

It’s ironic in a way. We receive life when we are born, we are given new life when we kneel at the cross, and yet, although already twice born, we then need to learn to live our lives after the example of Christ.

We cannot afford to fail. God is our salvation in this lost world, and only his protecting hand can help us reach our goal, which is to sit at his side in the great by and by.

God used these essays to speak to me even as I wrote them. My prayer is that he uses them to speak to you as you read them. God does that, you know. He speaks to us. When our hearts are moved by the words of another, we have heard from the heart of God.

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