God Is Faith in Our Despair (Volume 4)

god-is-faith-in-our-despair-volume-4This series on faith has been especially meaningful to me.

Read of the Australian Bearded Dragon and how it must bask in the sun in order to process its food. Then learn how sometimes God wants us to cut and run, for we must understand that not all battles need to be fought by us.

We can find God if we search in the right places for him, and he even gives us his private GPS to help us along the way. He will lead us straight to his headwaters, and we will never thirst again. If you haven’t guessed yet, I am referencing essays in this fourth volume of God Is Faith in Our Despair.

I have to confess, I feel this set of essays by far surpasses those in the previous volumes. Maybe that’s due to God’s intimacy with me as I assembled each one. You see, when I write these, they are God speaking to me. The ones I’m working with at the moment are the ones that God punches home to me.

When you read them, I hope you allow him to also speak to you through them. He wants to, you know. Our faith in God is the most important thing we can have. Money in the bank? That lake house? Our lives are certainly sweeter if we have those, but our lives are nothing without Jesus.

We must hold to the important thing, and that is our faith in our Almighty God. Enjoy this book, and I hope it blesses you half as much as it has blessed me. If so, you will not be able to contain all the good things that God pours out on your spirit.

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