God Is Salvation for a Lost World (Volume 1)

god-is-salvation-for-a-lost-world-volume-1Salvation. It seems so simple.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

Those three words sum up the salvation message pretty well. And yet, there is so much more to the process. If we allow Jesus into our hearts, and we do not begin a training program for the spiritual battles that are to come, what are we setting ourselves up for?

Once we believe, if we fall away, how will we ever find the Savior again?

This set of essays on salvation is about more than just the act of accepting Christ as our savior. This book also talks about growing into our Christianity, for what is our salvation if not a chance to become more like Jesus?

In the first six essays, you will read the salvation message in depth, but this book will take you so much further into what our salvation really means.

Welcome along on the journey. Together, we will meet Christ on the way.

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