Trouble is part of our days, for it falls equally on the just and the unjust. However, within our troubles we can find a safe harbor, for our God is the calm in the time of the storm. He will guide us with a GENTLE hand, for he loves his children.

Let’s look at our GENTLE God:

G – He is a GENTLE taskmaster.

In Psalms 18 David writes of two versions of God. In Verses 8-13 we read where fire comes out of his mouth, and when he speaks, hailstones and burning coals batter the evil one.

However, in Verse 35, we understand the second side of God, for it is his GENTLE nature that has made David great.

When we come to God, he gently leads us into his great plan for our lives.

E – He ENDURES forever.

Scientists tell us of the billions of years since the creation of the universe, and yet they also tell us that there is no conceivable end to the years left before it fails to exist.

In Psalm 19:9 David tells us that the respect and awe we hold for God is wise and pure, and that it ENDURES forever.

Our Father in heaven created all things, and he is the great I Am until the end of time. The loving kindness he extends to us ENDURES forever.

N – He spared NINEVEH, although she was exceedingly wicked.

The great city of NINEVEH was a wonder of ancient times. The first time we hear of it is in Genesis 10:11. Later in Jonah we read that it took three days to walk the city, for it was so large.

NINEVEH also excelled in wickedness, and so God sent Jonah.

We all know of Jonah and the whale. But do we know of Jonah and the gourd? Jonah cursed the gourd when it had done nothing wrong, yet God spared a city which had done everything wrong. In Jonah 4:10-11 God tells Jonah that even with their wickedness, he cares more for the people of NINEVEH than he cares for the gourd that is innocent of wrongdoing.

God’s gentle grace is unmistakable in everything he does.

T – He is a TEACHER to his people.

Isaiah the prophet foretold in Isaiah 2:3 that in the latter days, Jehovah’s house would be established upon his mountain. All nations would come to the house of God, and God would be their TEACHER. Then they would learn to walk in his ways.

God is patient with his wayward creation. He desires to teach us in the way we should go that we might not depart from it.

L – He is as LOVELY as the fairest of ten thousand.

When we see our God from afar, our heart beats in anticipation, for he is the one we desire. He draws us to him with the whisper of butterflies wings.

In Solomon 5:16 Solomon declares that our Lord is altogether LOVELY. He is the eternal source of our affection.

When we fall in love with God, he will seem as a jewel in the heavens, as the lily in the field, and as the cedar in the forest. He will seem finer to us than gold.

E – He puts us at our EASE.

In the days of Jeremiah, it seemed the entire world was against the Israelites, just as today it seems that every cruel attack is aimed against the church. However, in Jeremiah 46:27, God says he will save us, giving back to us the land we desire, and we shall be at EASE, for none shall make us afraid.

God does not forget his promises to us, and he will make them come true, if we but trust in him.

When we feel life has shaken our soul, the peace of God can be ours, if only we draw near to him.

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Originally Published 6-01-13 in Worship

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