To visit a rose garden is a wonder. The aromas are heady, and the blooms are magnificent. However, underneath the beauty is the thorn. Hold one tightly, and it will bring blood to our fingers.

Jesus is a gentle beauty. His presence is everywhere, and he never pricks us when we draw close to him. The love of Jesus is as gentle as the DAISY in the field.

Let’s look at our DAISY God:

D – He is the Root of DAVID.

Solomon 2:12 tells of Jesus’ beauty, for when winter is over, he comes as a flower, bringing unto us a new beginning. Revelation 2:5 reveals his majesty. In his vision, Paul stood in front of the scroll sealed with seven seals, and an angel called, “Who can be found worthy to break the seals on the scroll?”

There was only one who was worthy: The Root of DAVID, the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Jesus is the only worthy one.

A – He is the branch of the ALMOND tree.

Numbers 17:8 tells of how Aaron’s staff budded overnight, producing blossoms and fresh almonds as a sign of God’s favor.

Like the ALMOND tree, which blooms in the cusp of spring, Jesus comes to us in the depths of our winter, turning our barren landscape into beauty, for he has his Father’s favor upon him.

Wild almonds are bitter, for they contain cyanide. Eating even a few can be deadly. However, Jesus produces sweet fruit. His is the sweet savor of the select tree, for there is no bitter thing in him.

I – He is our INHERITANCE, and his bounty is found in the fields and vineyards.

In Numbers 16:14, a company of the Israelites complained against Moses and Aaron. In reality they complained against the Lord. They doubted God’s leading, for they had not yet reached the land flowing with milk and honey.

We can understand their frustration, but God’s timing is his own. Many years later Jesus came to us as an INHERITANCE from the Lord, for the lushness of his fields and the bounty of his vineyards are ours for the asking.

S – He is a SWEET-smelling aroma.

Solomon 5:13 speaks of Solomon’s love for his Beloved, for his Beloved is filled with the aroma of spices and SWEET flowers. Ephesians 5:2 reveals that Jesus’ sacrifice reaches God’s nostrils as a SWEET aroma.

Jesus draws us in the same way, for he is as a field of daises, and the aroma of his presence is pleasant to our senses.

Y – He is the thousand YEARS of youth that bloom and fall away.

Jesus is ever new and fresh for each generation. Psalm 90:4 tells us that a thousand YEARS are as one to him, and they are as yesterday in his sight.

Still, he continues to draw us with the sweet aroma of his love. If the Father should choose to tarry yet another millennium, Jesus will continue to be a sweet enticement for a thousand YEARS to come.

The joys of this world will someday become bitter in our mouths, but the love of Jesus will flower forevermore.

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Originally Published 5-25-13

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